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Unity is Power and Together We Deliver More More Data, More Insights, More Value

Baltimore, MD March 9, 2022 CallRevu, an industry leader in automotive call monitoring and analytics, has forged a Strategic Partnership with DriveCentric, a leader in customer relationship management software for automotive dealers. As long-time collaborators, CallRevu and DriveCentric have come together with an integrated offering to combine innovation and insights to deliver even greater value to dealers backed by CallRevu’s legendary customer service and support.

“We are excited to announce this Strategic Partnership, integrating CallRevu’s solutions with DriveCentric’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform so that we can bring an integrated offering to the market, allowing our teams to work in harmony to deliver on customer needs” said Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO of CallRevu.

“CallRevu’s service and innovation are well known in the industry, as they only focus on automotive, and we are proud to celebrate a partner that is all about “car people for car people” said Philip Fusz, COO, DriveCentric.

This Strategic Partnership is all about bringing unity to customers best in class individual solutions that when combined, bring even greater impact and simplification for customers.

“This is all part of our vision and commitment to continuous innovation that provide automotive dealerships with solutions that drive ROI and customer experience” added Giagnacovo.

About CallRevu

CallRevu is the only call management solution made in a dealership for dealerships. CallRevu listens to your calls so you don’t have to and alerts you within minutes to mishandled sales opportunities, potential CSI issues, even phone routing and connectivity problems. Our call monitoring service helps dealers around the U.S. and Canada convert calls into appointments to improve the bottom line. We track, listen, summarize, alert, report, and coach on all phone data analytics to help dealers drive more call-to-appointment conversions.

About DriveCentric

DriveCentric, Inc. is a leading provider of automotive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Through bold leadership and innovation, the company’s offerings include dealership CRM, Genius Artificial Intelligence (AI), conversational engagement tools, desking, Facebook Marketplace integration, reputation management, internal communication platform, and enterprise reporting. DriveCentric is driven by a commitment to design software that is simple to use and steers a new era of engagement, productivity, and growth for auto retailers. DriveCentric is OEM certified by most manufacturers and integrates all major DMS providers.

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