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by CallRevu

CallRevu Announces TestTrack – Industry-First AI-Driven Two-Way Audio & Video Immersive Training Exclusively for Automotive

In a significant leap forward in NextGen automotive training solutions, CallRevu, a leader in communication intelligence solutions for automotive dealerships, is thrilled to announce the next phase of its AI-training innovation – an AI-powered agent training and coaching platform, set to be released later this year as part of its training suite. This cutting-edge solution is the result of an exclusive partnership with iWish AI, an innovator in AI-first technologies and applications.

Designed to revolutionize the way automotive dealerships train and coach their teams, this platform combines the latest in AI technology with advanced training and customer experience methodologies:
For agents this means a personalized, real-time, two-way interactive training experience that focuses on real-world application through training and role-play scenarios, empowering agents to improve their abilities, boost performance, and gain confidence through competence.
For dealerships this means a reduction in the time and cost associated with training and developing their agents, and improved customer experience.

Advancing, Enhancing, and Elevating Teams
“At CallRevu, our mission goes beyond the boundaries of technological innovation; we are dedicated to elevating every individual at the heart of an organization to achieve unprecedented results, enhance operational efficiency, and drive desired outcomes,” said Ben Chodor, CEO of CallRevu. “TestTrack is more than just a tool; it embodies a radical shift towards empowering dealership talent, enabling teams to independently refine their skills and grow. It doesn’t matter whether your dealership is a seasoned veteran of 50 years or a newcomer to the industry; this platform is meticulously crafted to meet your specific needs and support your unique path to growth.”

Driving Better Results
With the launch of this innovative training and coaching platform, dealerships can expect to see tangible improvements in their operations, with direct, achievable outcomes: sell more cars, close more appointments, and upsell more effectively. By improving the ability and performance of the team, this platform directly influences the bottom line, setting a new standard for what is possible in dealership training and development.

Registration Now Available: Secure Your Notification for Launch
We are excited to announce that registration is now available for those interested in receiving an invitation to our upcoming product launch. By signing up, you will be among the first to know when our product is ready to make its debut.