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TotalCX has been acquired by CallRevu!
CallRevu's industry leading technology has integrated and partnered with top CRM, telephony, and technology providers to create a frictionless communication experience.

At CallRevu, our Center of Excellence stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier insights and solutions. We are tech agnostic, focusing on the quality, applicability and scalability of our offerings. By aligning with the best in the industry, we guarantee our clients access to innovative and effective solutions, tailored to meet their unique needs.

Partnerships & Integrations


Latest Partnerships

CRM Integrations



Elead automotive software solutions bridge the gap between sales, service, and marketing operations to provide dealers a robust customer acquisition and retention platform that connects with auto consumers in a smarter way, thus building loyal relationships, increasing market share, and profitability.

CDK Global

CDK Global

CDK Global focuses on providing end-to-end, omnichannel retail commerce solutions to our partners in the automotive, heavy truck, recreation, and heavy equipment industries. We are a leading provider of integrated data and open, agnostic technology to nearly 15,000 retail locations in North America. By connecting people with technology, CDK Global solutions integrate all parts of the dealership and customer relationship.

Driver Centric


DriveCentric dramatically improves the most important aspects of CRM. It offers more power than any other CRM, yet is simple to use. The Smart Pipeline display is packed with information at a glance. What has always been hidden before is now available at your fingertips. Proof that there is strength in numbers.

Vin Solutions


Connect CRM integrates dealership processes and tools to deliver a single view of the customer. With customizable processes and powerful automation, Connect CRM streamlines the car-buying process and gives dealers more time to make their customer connections count..

Motility Software

Motility Software Solutions

 For over 35 years, Motility remains committed to providing best-in-class dealer management software (DMS) to over 7,000 users and 800 rooftops. Motility’s comprehensive software delivers an end-to-end solution to increase the efficiency for every critical function in a dealership, including inventory management, CRM, quoting, accounting, payroll and service scheduling, and more.



DealerSocket’s advanced CRM technology provides benchmarking data that paces the industry. Offering world-class customer support and access to the most innovative experts in the industry, DealerSocket CRM provides the most direct path to success available for dealers today.

Platform Partners



In a flexibility-first world, great work can happen anywhere. That mindset has helped GoTo fulfill the promise of reliability, connection, and simplicity for tens of millions of people, and in turn, has helped them become one of the world’s largest SaaS companies – with more than 3,500 global employees, over $1.3 billion in annual revenue and tens of millions of users. DOWNLOAD EBOOK >>

Industry Partners

Hi Tech Marketing

Hi-Tech Marketing

A world-wide digital consulting company focused on helping businesses increase sales and service profitability through conversational marketing. We provide beautiful, powerful, distinctive solutions and tools to businesses.

Our expertise comes from real-world business experience and a passion for listening and responding to our client’s needs in the marketplace. We are focused on helping your business drive more traffic to the showroom, phone, and internet for less cost.

Team Velocity

Team Velocity

Dealers are seeing real transformation and results by selling more calls armed with the power of Insights and Actions that come from combining CallRevu’s Communication Intelligence (CI) Platform with Team Velocity’s Apollo to improve call flow, customer journey and customer experience. Together, these solutions are delivering real automotive insight that helps dealers pinpoint actions for better outcomes – sales!

I Pit Crew


Looking for ways to maximize your revenue streams without the substantial investment in technology and personnel? Want to leverage the knowledge base of an experienced team of professionals? Want to avoid the endless cycle of technology reinvestment? iPitCrew can help! We have partner relationships with independent agents, agencies, and publishers, in small and large markets across the nation. To learn more schedule a free consultation today.

Dealer Synergy

Dealer Synergy is the Automotive industry sales training, consulting and accountability company. With Dealer Synergy, we can help your dealership in Automotive Sales Training, Consulting & Accountability to increase your dealership’s sales goals and bottom line. Schedule Sean V. Bradley, CSP to Host Your Next Sales Meeting!

Dealership Phone Training

Customer Management Systems

Customer Management Systems’ mission is to be a turnkey, long-term phone training solution at your dealership that pays for itself and really works. We’re committed to giving you a proven process for the phones at your dealership so you can focus on selling. We specialize in consistent coaching, so you don’t have to!

Phone Ninjas

Phone Ninjas

Phone Ninjas, provides individualized multi-touch ongoing training to hundreds of dealers across the nation. Our success with clients has made Phone Ninjas one of the hottest and fastest-growing companies in the automotive sector.

McGurren Consulting

McGurren Consulting

McGurren Consulting is a boutique sales process training company that helps companies become more efficient, productive, and profitable. We understand that every dealership is different, and their sales process should reflect their uniqueness. We work alongside your team to customize sales processes to maximize your advertising dollars. One size doesn’t fit all, and neither should your sales process. Whether your dealership has a BDC, Internet Sales Department that is cradle to grave, or somewhere in between, McGurren Consulting can help you sell more cars through our proven best

Ingram Interative

Ingram Interactive

 Imagine your team looking forward to training! The Genius Network is an Ingram Interactive company focusing on both variable and fixed operations within your dealership. We can increase you teams’ performance in: Sales Internet Service Finance CSI Management. Utilizing in-person or virtual training we can develop a curriculum to increase the revenue within your dealership. The difference in our training is that our trainers have lived it, breathed it, and delivered it within the walls of a dealership. We have adopted the training style of “Edu-Tainment” the combination of (Education + Entertainment). Your team will enjoy the training and retain more of it.



Any dealership that has a CRM should have on staff at least one “Power User”. This Power User should be an expert at using the CRM. They should administrate the CRM, train other employees and manage the marketing setup, and complete database management. Our dealers use CRM CPR as the solution and hire us to be their Power User. We are an extension of your staff and with our combined experience of over 25 years using DealerSocket, we can quickly and efficiently handle all of your CRM administration and database management needs while your team focuses on what they do best, selling and servicing cars.

Traver Connect

Traver Connect

Traver Connect specializes in Omni-channel Service BDC Solutions for inbound and outbound needs. Whether supporting a Service BDC in-house, centralizing your service calls, or a hybrid solution, Traver is the contact center leader.