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TotalCX has been acquired by CallRevu!

by CallRevu

CallRevu, a pioneer in communication intelligence for the automotive retail industry, is excited to welcome Merchant Centric into its Center of Excellence. This partnership marks another stride in the realm of brand reputation management, leveraging Merchant Centric’s expertise to enhance the overall customer experience in automotive retail.

Merchant Centric, known for its approach to managing and analyzing customer feedback across various platforms, aligns with CallRevu’s mission to revolutionize customer interactions through intelligent communication and comprehensive analytics.

Transformative Collaboration for Enhanced Customer Engagement

This partnership into CallRevu’s ecosystem represents a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in customer relationship management. By combining Merchant Centric’s advanced reputation management tools with CallRevu’s interaction intelligence software, automotive retailers will benefit from a more cohesive approach to managing consumer perceptions and interactions.

Ben Chodor, CEO of CallRevu, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Welcoming Merchant Centric to our Center of Excellence marks not just an expansion of our network but a substantial enhancement of our capabilities. By deepening our understanding of what customers and prospects are saying, we are set to transform brand reputation management for dealerships. Together, we’re empowering automotive dealers to elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty, crucial advantages in today’s competitive market.”

Immediate Benefits and Future Prospects

The partnership between CallRevu and Merchant Centric is set to deliver immediate benefits to clients, including:

  • Advanced analytics and insights to monitor and improve brand reputation and benchmark satisfaction against the competition.
  • Integrated communication strategies that align responsive brand building engagement with customer expectations.
  • Streamlined processes to efficiently address customer feedback and reviews, ensuring quick and informed  resolutions for optimal outcomes.

Looking ahead, CallRevu and Merchant Centric are dedicated to continuous innovation and the development of new strategies to further enhance customer engagement and dealership performance.