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TotalCX has been acquired by CallRevu!

SalesVision amplifies your sales calls

Powered by CallRevu’s communication intelligence, SalesVision provides detailed reporting to analyze past and present data to develop critical insights for your dealership. Our advanced AI and machine learning technology collects rich data points and sentiments from every call, to provide robust data, real-time alerts and actionable intelligence to cultivate a powerful customer experience.

80% of inbound leads start from a phone call, but only 37% actually connect! SalesVision gives you visibility into every call, all lines and all departments.

Immediate Awareness

Save Deals Instantly

Never miss a call or be uninformed of your customer needs with CallRevu’s DealSaver® Alerts. Access real-time DealSaver® Alerts that notify you of customer opportunities that weren’t taken.

One dealer reported a 20% increase in appointments with this single alert. Each DealSaver® Alert includes up to 30 data points, including:

  • Vehicle of interest
  • Department
  • Summary of the call
  • Customer name
  • Playback button
  • Click-to-call customer back
automotive live call monitoring software

With 24/7 phone connectivity monitoring, CallRevu keeps you running smoothly. Get the industry’s first automated phone health monitoring system that proactively alerts you of issues to ensure maximum ROI on the phones.

Automatically identify changes that negatively impact your customer’s experience.

Get Watch, Warning and Emergency escalation alerts based on severity of the call.

CallRevu’s Car dealer call monitoring systems

Proactively fix phone health issues with troubleshooting suggestions.

Communicate directly with our support team to resolve issues.

Actionable Insights

Action Dashboard

Quickly access missed appointment opportunities and CSI concerns in real time, focusing on six key data points. This dashboard is designed to provide an easy-to-view snapshot of areas that dealers need to focus on in any time period.

Department Report

Identify trends in people, processes, and hardware to determine process breaks and profit leads during the caller’s journey. Get full visibility into opportunities that never reached your team or were mishandled.

Inbound & Outbound Call Dashboard

Receive a complete dealership view into your total phone calls vs pure money opportunities, appointments set vs additional opportunities, and accountability reporting with the Alert Utilization report.

Employee Performance Report

Quickly determine your top phone handlers and discover their individual appointment set rate, total calls, and pure opportunities. Dive in to specific employees profiles to uncover other employee performance statistics.

Ad Source Report

See which sources are generating opportunities and if your team can convert those cans into appointments. This dashboard provides insight into where your marketing dollars are being most effective.

Employee Report Card

Gain visibility into your employees’ phone skills to determine an individualized coaching plan for success. You also receive training videos paired with each KPI to educate on best practice and provide individualized instruction.

live call monitoring software

Employee Performance

Coaching and mentoring assistance

Not everyone is great on the phones, that’s just a fact. Utilize CallRevu’s employee performance evaluation for each call, to coach and mentor your team to provide the best phone experience.

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