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by CallRevu

In an innovative step for the automotive communication technology industry, CallRevu has announced the launch of its Center of Excellence (COE), an initiative redefining innovation and customer satisfaction benchmarks.

This announcement follows CallRevu’s recent exclusive unveiling of its advanced AI training prototype at the NADA Expo. The prototype offered an immersive, interactive demo, that provided dealers and vendors with a simulated environment to test and refine their sales techniques, facilitated by CallRevu’s AI trainer.

The COE embodies CallRevu’s mission to merge cutting-edge technology with strategic partnerships, transforming the benchmark for intelligent communications in the automotive field. The Center exemplifies CallRevu’s tech-agnostic philosophy, prioritizing the integration of top-quality, scalable, and relevant solutions.

Marking a key moment in CallRevu’s journey towards excellence was the announcement of a strategic partnership with Zoom Video Communications, Inc., and integration with Orbee at the expo. These collaborations underscore CallRevu’s dedication to enhancing communication capabilities and deepening analytical insights.
Ben Chodor, CEO of CallRevu, emphasizes the company’s ethos: “Our Center of Excellence represents our belief in the transformative power of connection. It brings together our clients, their customers, and the best technological solutions. It’s our commitment to delivering not just innovative, but effective and tailored solutions for the unique challenges of our clients.”

The launch of the COE marks a major milestone for CallRevu, solidifying its position as a pioneer in the automotive communication technology landscape.

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