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by CallRevu


Embracing Hosted VoIP Systems 

With omnichannel retail on the rise and the importance of a seamless customer-facing experience via in-person, phone, and digital touchpoints, it’s more imperative than ever to have a reliable, smart phone system that works for your business. As such, it’s time to look past antiquated phone systems, and turn towards hosted systems. 

A hosted VoIP (voice over IP) system is one that functions over an internet service and is offered and managed by a third-party provider. In other words, it’s an off-site telecommunications system that uses digital internet to provide phone services—and, therefore, a multitude of other services that standard telephone capabilities cannot.  

Immediate Benefits of Hosted VoIP 

The most basic and obvious of benefits comes in the way hosted VoIPs work: Hosted VoIP systems are held in remote locations, rather than requiring equipment to be stored and managed at your company location. This saves both maintenance time and funds that would otherwise be put towards purchasing this equipment and ensuring it runs smoothly. It also frees up IT resources to work on other tasks at hand, and allows the sales team to operate with more consistency and fewer disruptions.  

Advanced Features and Long-Term Gains

Hosted phone systems can help companies build a Unified Communications (UC) practice, similar to an omnichannel retail strategy. UC focuses on refining and unifying a brand across all customer touchpoints. This approach strengthens brand identity and creates a consistent, dependable image for consumers. As a result, companies can see increased sales opportunities and conversions. 

And just like the power of harnessing and building on a sales strategy that touches on the many facets of omnichannel retail, hosted phone systems can also help companies structure a Unified Communications practice. UC, the concept of honing and solidifying a brand or dealership’s marketing strategy across all customer-facing touchpoints, will build brand identity, and, with this consistency, increase a sense of dependability and trustworthiness for consumers—all of which adds up to increased sales opportunities and conversions.  

In fact, says Forbes, hosted systems can help disseminate this UC by extending a brand’s reach far further than one would be able to with local call systems. By harnessing the power of internet-based communications systems, global contact with both new and existing consumers as seamlessly as if they walked into the dealership on foot, without the need to rely on such in-person traffic for sales numbers and growth.  

All in all, not only can hosted VoIPs save money and time upfront, but they can also markedly and dependably increase sales traffic and opportunities, both inbound and outbound, making them capable of upping revenue almost immediately.