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“CallRevu will be releasing a whole new Call Analytics Engine that will be embedded into CDKs telephony platform. CDK will now be “Powered by CallRevu” in a revolutionary approach to comprehensive customer service.”

by Anthony Giagnacovo

Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO of CallRevu is a bold thinker, who is always seeking ways to improve outcomes always asking the tough questions to identify how the CallRevu can do more, do it faster, and do it better. Anthony consistently pushes the organization, looking for ways we can transform the customer experience and help our clients consistently achieve more. He firmly believes in lifelong learning and is constantly educating himself and bringing new methods, processes, and technologies to help the entire organization be more effective — asking the “what”, “why”, and “how” to ensure CallRevu is always innovating — each and every day, taking us to new heights.

Anthony believes in the power of focus, firmly supporting CallRevu’s specialization in automotive CallRevu was founded by “Car People for Car People”. One such illustration of this, is CallRevu’s development of a proprietary lexicon based on 12+ years of quality human transcriptions and summaries which powers CallRevu’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) -powered technology, which trains the machine learning (ML) models and scales the call analysis.

“Unlike competitors, CallRevu is not trying to be everything to everyone”, says Anthony Giagnacovo, “CallRevu has always been automotive-centric, so when we turned to AI and ML, we wanted to maintain the quality of our human transcriptions at scale all calls, all lines, all departments — but flip the script so that the machines do the heavy lifting, and the agents provide the Quality Assurance (QA), Refinement and Perfection with unparalleled quality.”

Anthony is always saying that reports and statistics are great, but they are rearview focused and what Dealers want is real-time insights, alerts and prescriptive guidance. Dealers want to understand consumer behavior — intent, sentiment, and actions — which CallRevu achieves by recording and transcribing communication so it can harvest and analyze data to produce the key alerts dealers want so they can transform customer inquiries into appointments and ultimately sales. “CallRevu’s solutions are comprehensive from driving demand generation to sales and ultimately post-sales satisfaction — we are focused on helping Dealers throughout the value chain to foster customers for life.”

CallRevu’s solutions are designed to pinpoint missed opportunities so that the insights can be leveraged as “teachable” moments for dealership staff — shifting from abstract concepts to real-world examples, outlining what the customer was asking and how best to respond. “Then we ask, what could we do better? CallRevu focuses on prescriptive actions instead of judgement reports and statistics, allowing us to provide real improvement which lessens the burden on the dealerships” says Anthony.

Look no further than Ganley Bedford Imports, who leverages CallRevu to help them maintain their market leadership and reputation for excellence by turning their attention to the customer experience. “It was immediately apparent that we needed to focus on training our employees with the skills they need to be successful on the phone” says Major Harrison III, GSM at Ganley Bedford Imports. “We needed a partner like CallRevu to help provide guidance and training to overcome our deficiencies.” CallRevu provides the data and coaching dealers need to enhance the customer experience by measuring every aspect of the caller’s journey, from the moment the caller “decides” to call, to the moment the call concludes.

“The biggest benefit that CallRevu offers is they do the heavy lifting analyzing and providing focused feedback about what they’re observing and then recommending corrective measures. They are like the doctor, pharmacist, and physical therapist all in one. We just have to sell cars and we are selling more thanks to our new partner” comments Harrison. CallRevu believes the most impactful calls are the ones that address a missed opportunity or customer-service issue. “We started receiving real-time sales opportunities on the very first day. We’re able to react to and respond to customers’ needs in near real-time. The exceptional skill of the CallRevu team was immediately apparent, saving us 28 deals in the first month. We are never looking back.”

In an effort to offer dealers even more, CallRevu is partnering with CDK. In the coming weeks, CallRevu will be releasing a whole new Call Analytics Engine that will be embedded into CDKs telephony platform. CDK will now be “Powered by CallRevu” in a revolutionary approach to providing comprehensive customer service. “We are proud that CDK has chosen CallRevu as its exclusive strategic partner over the competition” says Anthony.

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