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TotalCX has been acquired by CallRevu!

CallRevu thrives on feedback and what better way to learn than to go straight to the source. Over the past year, CallRevu has spent exhaustive time connecting with, listening to, and documenting our customers’ experience to learn what we do well and how we can improve.

by Anthony Giagnacovo

The findings from the research was clear and consistent. Simply put, CallRevu save deals.

In car sales, every customer interaction is critical and time sensitive, and you can’t increase your revenue if you aren’t monitoring, measuring, and improving your customer experience. Whether it’s receiving an instant missed-opportunity alert when a call has gone wrong, or perusing the CallRevu portal, CallRevu’s data, dashboards, and alerts turn issues into action with clear guidance. This is all backed by CallRevu’s industry-leading training that helps dealerships handle calls correctly every time, which CallRevu’s dealer partners agree.

Andrew Vislosky, Honda of Ocala GM has been a CallRevu client for 5 years. “The transcriptions and simplified text alerts allow my team to jump on each and every opportunity” Vislosky says, adding, “the best part is the simplicity. It’s very easy to navigate, both on the mobile and desktop portion.”

Another game changing feature is CallRevu’s Employee Report Cards. The report card is gathered from the data collected on each individual phone-handler, allowing dealerships to hold their employees accountable and see where each phone-handler shines and where they need training.

By providing a link to phone training videos that pinpoint each specific data point captured, managers can coach the employees and save time by assigning the handlers to watch the training videos on the area in need.

Jeremy Garavel, GM of Garavel Subaru in Connecticut, has expressed that the Employee Report Cards is one of the features that he uses most. “One of the hardest things I have to do is train people and hold people accountable. When you’re able to actually show someone and say,’this is what you sounded like on the phone call,‘ they get it.

Dealers have come to depend on CallRevu’s Action Dashboard. This is a quick way to view the most important categories of calls, like appointment opportunities — calls that didn’t reach the intended person, or post-sale satisfaction opportunities, and identify the highest priorities in just 10 minutes a day.

JC Kent, GM of Ocean Cadillac, has found success in reviewing these calls first thing each morning. “There’s something called the’10-minute drill’ that is emailed to me every day. That’s one of the first things I do at 6:00 in the morning. I check the email and see where my missed opportunities from the previous day were. From the platform, I send them to my team and we address them right away.”+J77

GM of Brickell Luxury Motors, Richard Bustillo, has been with CallRevu since the beginning. He’s come to depend on the instant alerts to’wow’ his customers and exceed the already high expectations of customer service in the luxury field. “CallRevu identifies any inconsistencies. You know right away when a call has been mishandled. If by any chance a call was dropped, you can call them right back, giving them the’wow effect.’

Perhaps the greatest benefit found that all dealers can agree is that the CallRevu team is world-class and provides top-notch support. CallRevu hires automotive industry experts that are committed to increasing appointments, saving deals, and supporting dealer-partners in any way possible.

Bustillo continues, “It’s car people working with car people. You have processes for everything else, you better have the phones covered.”

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