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When you consider that hiring for numbers versus hiring for talent equates to lost revenue, it becomes obvious that you need to prioritize quality over quantity. Here are some tips for getting the right phone talent into your dealership.

The workforce shortage is affecting businesses everywhere. According to Goldman Sachs, we are in the middle of the biggest labor shortage since World War II. CNN reports 11.3 million jobs available as January of 2022. Employment signs show open positions in businesses everywhere as companies struggle to fill open positions. Regardless, you’ve got a dealership to run so you need to get talent through the door.

You’re being told all the time how important it is to recruit talent to make sure your phone reps are prepared to manage your phone calls‚ but is it better to have a warm body or a talented staff member when you simply are struggling to fill your open positions? When you consider that hiring for numbers versus hiring for talent equates to lost revenue, it becomes obvious that you need to prioritize quality over quantity. Here are some tips for getting the right phone talent into your dealership.

Make your Dealership a Good Place to Work

Employer branding goes a long way toward recruiting and retaining talent. Treating your staff well will make your dealership stand out as a place people want to work. Today’s workforce wants to be engaged in jobs that provide an engaging culture and workplace benefits.

Being an active community member is also very helpful for showing off that positive culture. Sponsor local sports events, provide opportunities for community engagement by arranging staff gatherings or volunteer opportunities, and find ways to engage with your local area.

Write a Good Job Description

A well-structured, thoughtful job description matters more than you may think. Job candidates want to know who they will be working for and what they will be expected to do on a daily basis. They also want to understand what kind of environment they will be working in. Here are some things to consider when putting together a job description for talented phone reps.

Be inclusive. Diversity, equity and inclusion are driving forces in today’s working environments and studies show people want an inclusive work culture.

State the duties and responsibilities clearly. A concise job description will help you weed out those who aren’t a good fit for the job. Make sure to include what is expected regarding inbound and outbound calls, customer service delivery, working hours, documentation, and other expectations.

Describe growth and development opportunities. Most people want to work someplace they can grow. Offer growth opportunities and explain how you’ll nurture and reward that development.

Show off your culture. Don’t hesitate to be original in your job description. Make it obvious why someone would want to work for your dealership.

Be thorough and concise. Give your job candidates all the info they’ll need to decide whether to apply. Avoid overly lengthy descriptions but include plenty of details.

Be Flexible with Working Requirements

The modern workforce wants flexibility in their workplace. The pandemic taught us that we no longer have to put people in the same room all day every day to keep things moving. You could offer varying levels of part-time and full-time employment and allow phone reps to choose hours, along with offering remote-work options. Provide flexible opportunities and working situations and you’ll recruit happier, more engaged phone staff.

Provide Non-Monetary Perks

Yes, we work for money, but that’s not what differentiates your dealership as a good place to work. All work environments come with a paycheck. Job candidates want more. You could offer benefits such as,

  • Medical insurance.
  • Flexible PTO options.
  • Opportunities for development.
  • Volunteering opportunities.
  • Workplace engagement programs.
  • Reward programs.
  • Internal contests.
  • Company swag.
  • Educational advancement.

Use your Happy Employees to Advocate for your Dealership

Nothing sends a stronger message than happy employees. When potential job candidates are evaluating a job as a phone rep, they may be envisioning long hours dealing with angry customers in an uninviting work environment. Be a supportive employer and encourage your happy employees to be positive brand advocates on social media, at job fairs, and within the community. You could also offer referral bonuses for successful hires to show you value quality candidates.

Embrace Call Monitoring Technology

Don’t make a job harder than it needs to be. You want to make it easy to provide good customer service and job candidates feel supported when they know you’ve taken steps toward providing them with the right tools. A call monitoring solution will help your phone reps provide better service without the extra effort.

Be a great place to work and your dealership will manage this labor shortage like a pro.

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